Maurice Seymour Photography

Serge Seymour

Would love to speak with you more, and please, by all means correct any misinformation I may have stated.    Would love to hear more from you.

Hello, I am Serge Seymour, the oldest son of Maurice Seymour of Chicago and Maurice Seymour of New York (my Uncle Seymour).  My Brother Ron Seymour and I are both active photographers and we both grew up in the Maurice Seymour Studio.  Some of your information is incorrect here.  Let me know if either of us could be of help to you.  Serge Seymour

Another Maurice Seymour photo.  Beautiful pose, beautiful light.

Love the attitude that Seymour is able to pull from the girls that posed for him.

Another Maurice Seymour photo.   His command of light is brilliant and his poses perfection.

Beautiful portrait by Maurice Seymour.   If you can identify the woman in the photo, please let me know!

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